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what difference does it matter what I say by Retna £215K

Marquis Duriel Lewis, better known as Los Angeles-based street artist Retna, enjoys a
global reputation as one of the most prominent and wealthy street artists of our time.
His work has featured all over a Louis Vuitton store in Miami, an opera house in San
Francisco, Los Angeles’ Olympic bid video and even Justin Beiber’s latest album cover.

Born in 1979, Retna was introduced to the Los Angeles mural scene at an early age and
has led one of the largest graffiti art collectives in the city since he was in high school.
Rather than attend art school, he focused on street art, and soon became a global

Retna now travels the world creating street art, and also produces contemporary art
pieces on canvas, some of which are on display in art galleries, museums, luxury
retailers and even homes of the rich and famous.

Invest in Retna artwork with Maddox Gallery – There is a very healthy audience looking
to buy Retna art and invest significant sums in it. This level of demand suggests great
things for the artist’s future, and good potential returns for individuals who purchase
Retna artwork sooner rather than later.

We’re proud to represent Retna in the UK and share his incredible works with the
public. His pieces are consistently snapped up almost as soon as they land on our walls,
but our strong relationship with the artist means that we often have a number of pieces
available to purchase, and can also commission totally unique works to be produced
upon request.

If you’re looking to invest in Retna, please visit us at Maddox Gallery, Mayfair, in the
heart of London and only steps away from Oxford Circus. His works should be seen in
person to be truly appreciated.

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