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Opportunities with Velvet Rope

We are always looking for Introducers to join our team. Below are some of the many reasons you can be a success with us.

Become an Introducer

We have made available the ability for introducers to bring onboard their own clients. We have two levels of Introducer:

  • Level One.

    Hands-Off: Simply referring clients with little or no involvement in the sales process. We pay a commission of 7.5% of the commission received by Velvet Rope.

  • Level Two.

    Hands-On: Referring clients and having involvement in the sales process. We pay a commission of 12.5% of the commission received by Velvet Rope.


List With Velvet Rope

We have made it possible for Introducers to bring onboard their own clients. Whether you operate an investment firm, as a football agent or a financial advisor we can provide you with an Introducer service

Selling For Velvet Rope

Introducer Requirements

To apply for an Introducer account, you will need to provide information which proves you have at least three High Net Worth clients. Once your application is approved, we provide licenses to access the service for both you and your clients.

Become an Introducer

Performance Review

Introducers are subject to a review each year to evaluate their performance. This is to ensure that the clients with access to the service are appropriate and that the Introducer is managing their account.

Becoming a Partner

Introducer Access and Leads

Within the service, Introducers have access to their client list and more importantly, the enquiries made by their clients. When a client makes an enquiry, the seller, ourselves and the introducer are all notified, allowing for a transparent flow of information to all parties.


List With Velvet Rope

Velvet Rope does not receive payment for listings but instead we bring together the most unique items with the most discerning clientele. We pride ourselves in listing pieces not available anywhere else, including private collections and one-off rarities.


Our system works on a strict members-only basis. Our listings are private and both buyers and sellers are kept anonymous. All prospective members are vetted and only those accepted gain access into Velvet Rope.

Our Featured Items

Some of our listings will be featured as a showcase item due to its rarity or uniqueness.  We will constantly highlight different pieces to give our members new and exciting options on every visit.

concierge service

Velvet Rope provide a one-to-one option which allows our members to request direct access to any item in person.  Our concierge service also caters for sourcing desired items from our Velvet Rope Network.


Application to Work With Velvet Rope

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