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Spania GTA Spano £882.11K

After 20 years of top automobile motorsport, Spania GTA decided to take one step forward and make director Domingo Ochoa´s dream come true; build a supersports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity.

Designed by Spania GTA´s engineering director, Valencian-born SentoPallardó, GTA Spano boasts the most advanced technology, innovative aesthetics, researched aerodynamics and a good number of solutions for the future, all of which are capable of competing with international prestigious brands in terms of both image and performance.

As a sign of its exclusivity, only 99 models of this extraordinary supersports car will be built to order and several world patents have been obtained. Indeed it is a car that is the beginning of an industry which leads to not only job creation, but also the transfer of the resulting technology to other sectors of society.

Spano was born as the fastest and most powerful automobile ever built in Spain for commercial purposes. In short, it is the car that will mark an era.

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